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Our Services


First impressions count and your forecourt or driveway is a valuable asset to your building or property. Why not let us bring it back to its former glory.

Over time moss, algae, dirt and grime build up on all outside surfaces with our jetwash and high pressure rotary cleaning equipment we can remove all this leaving them all fresh and looking like new.


Probably the most expensive outdoor investment used for entertaining guests or just relaxing. Wood over time will crack, bend and lose it's outdoor entertaining appeal.

Pristine Pressure Washing will restore and seal the deck which will immediately raise the property value and also give the customer peace of mind in knowing that their investment is restored and protected properly.



Block paving will be covered with kiln dried sand and brushed in to refill all joints after this has been washed.


Re-Sealing can be carried out to protect your surfaces and prolong its life and minimise maintenance, enhancing the colour of the surface also to help protect from stains and to slow down the growth of algae and moss



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